The Chess League is in Full Swing

Thursday evening, April 4th , saw the laggard Schenectady teams get started in the Capital District Chess League. Two matches took place at the Schenectady Club: the Geezers versus Albany B, and Schenectady A versus RPI. The SCC teams won both matches. The Geezers won 4-0 and SCC A squeaked through 2 ½ – 1 ½. The SCC A-RPI contest was extraordinarily close. Continue reading “The Chess League is in Full Swing”

Another Game from the Big Match

An educational battle took place on board 6 of the match. Carlos Varela only began his serious chess playing in 1999, but he has made good progress; from 1100 to over 1700 on the USCF rating list in that time. A good share of his gain has come since becoming a member of the RPI team in the CDCL and playing in the Schenectady Championships. In today’s game he faces Tim Wright, a strong Class A player and a perpetual contender for the AACC Championship title. Continue reading “Another Game from the Big Match”