Lots of News and a Game

Last Sunday evening the Saratoga Championship got underway. Six players showed up: Feinberg, Farrell, Gausewitz, Connors, Kuperman and Little. Yes, I decided to try and make a come-back. I am not too optimistic about winning the event, but was curious to see if I could do reasonably well. The results for the first round were: Continue reading “Lots of News and a Game”

A Battle of Local Chess Columnists

One of the attractions of the Albany – Schenectady matches is the opportunity to play chess friends you may not meet over the board often. Today’s game from board 5 of the match has the two local chess columnists; Bill Townsend of the Schenectady Gazette and Peter Henner of the Altamont Enterprise facing each other. I don’t recall their playing each other in recent years, and a search of the five hundred or so local games I have in the database did not find such an occasion. Continue reading “A Battle of Local Chess Columnists”

Another Game From the Schenectady Match

The decisive Schenectady A – Schenectady Geezers CDCL match had more than one interesting contests. Today’s game tipped the scales in the favor of the “old guys”.

Continue reading “Another Game From the Schenectady Match”