The NYS Open and a Game

For twenty-one years chess players have been meeting in Lake George, NY around the middle of May for the New York State Open. This year about 69 players from Master to unrated gathered once again. The last round played out on a cool rainy Sunday afternoon – a good day to be inside playing chess. Schenectady’s own Deepak Aaron swept the Open Section 5-0, ahead of David Carter (2200), 4-1, Hendrik van der Weij (1833P) 3½-1½ , and Dale Sharp (2200) 3-2. Coming in at 3-2 were Carlos Varela of RPI and Troy Duncan. Continue reading “The NYS Open and a Game”

The Chess League is in Full Swing

Thursday evening, April 4th , saw the laggard Schenectady teams get started in the Capital District Chess League. Two matches took place at the Schenectady Club: the Geezers versus Albany B, and Schenectady A versus RPI. The SCC teams won both matches. The Geezers won 4-0 and SCC A squeaked through 2 ½ – 1 ½. The SCC A-RPI contest was extraordinarily close. Continue reading “The Chess League is in Full Swing”

A Second Exciting Game From the SCC Finals

As I mentioned earlier, a close contender for the first game published from the latest round in the Schenectady contests was this exciting battle between a new finalist and a past Champion. Carlos Varela, a teacher from RPI and a stalwart of the RPI team, makes a determined effort to take the full point from Philip Sells. Continue reading “A Second Exciting Game From the SCC Finals”