Not as good as I thought

The Capital District Chess League season has begun. The Albany “A” team won its first match against Saratoga 3.5-0.5 on April 19

Board 1: Jeremy Berman (Alb) beat Gary Farrell (Saratoga)
Board 2: Dean Howard (Alb) beat Alan LeCours (Saratoga)
Board 3: Tim Wright (Alb) drew with Glen Gausewicz (Saratoga)
Board 4: Gordon Magat beat (Alb) Joshua Kuperman (Saratoga)

Gordon won an exchange in the middlegame and won routinely after that.
Glen had a small space advantage, but Tim managed to trade some pieces and a draw was agreed.
After some complications, Jeremy was ahead in material but behind on time by enough to regret declining an earlier draw offer. Unfortunately for Gary, he needed to spend more time trying to offset the material deficit, and his own time ran out first.

My game with Alan was the last to finish. I got a modest space advantage, built it slowly without being too aggressive. Alan maneuvered unsuccessfully after grabbing a pawn, and I won comfortably without being at risk of losing.

That’s what I thought.

The computer evaluated Black’s position more favorably, and found two big holes on my tactical analysis.

Not a bad game, all things considered, just not as good as I thought on the way home.