More From the RPI – Geezers Match

The pace of the CDCL matches has slowed a bit. We had several played in the last two weeks. The best information I have is there are few matches planned this coming week, then several scheduled in the following week. From this blogger’s perspective this no bad thing. I have a pile of games to write about, and it will be nice to catch up with the backlog. Continue reading “More From the RPI – Geezers Match”

An Update on the Candidates and a Game From the CDCL

The ongoing World Champion Candidate’s tournament has occupied my time this past week or so. It is fascinating. At first the story appeared to be how the two highest rated players, Carlsen and Aronian, would settle their battle for primacy. Aronian then slipped with a loss to Svidler in round 11. The tale then took on the aspect of another almost magical victory for the highest rated player ever – the commentators spoke of how he seemed to have a Fischer-like effect on the opponents. Continue reading “An Update on the Candidates and a Game From the CDCL”