Holding an Endgame Makes a Difference

In the deciding match of this year’s CDCL season, the Geezers had their chances. Today’s game is the 4th board clash between the youthful Dilip Aaron and the veteran John Phillips. Mr. Phillips damaged White’s pawn formation out of the opening. It wasn’t until the game simplified to a Rook and minor piece ending that his advantage blossomed into a significant edge. Mr. Aaron then demonstrated his increasing chess skill by holding the ensuing Rook end game. Continue reading “Holding an Endgame Makes a Difference”

A Win for the Younger Aaron

Although the game Finnerman – Mockler reported on in my previous post decided the tournament winner, this contest matching a scholastic star against an established and strong Class A player was important also. The process of climbing up the ratings requires meeting and beating opponents a class or two higher up the pecking order. I remember my win from Howie Weiss, a NYC Expert, many years back. Snagging that point brought the realization it was possible to defeat very good players; they weren’t invincible all of the time. This win may be a similar motivator for Dilip Aaron. Continue reading “A Win for the Younger Aaron”