A Fun Day at the Park

Simultaneous exhibitions have been a feature of the chess scene for a very long time. Around hundred years ago Frank Marshall, the then US Champion and one of the group of players first given the title Grandmaster by the Russian Czar Nicolas, gave such an exhibition in Schenectady. Other Masters of similar or lesser distinction have appeared locally. It is a wonderful opportunity for the local talent to Continue reading “A Fun Day at the Park”

Quick News: Deepak Aaron 2012 New York State Scholastic Champion!

Good morning, world! I happened to be at the state Scholastic Championships in Saratoga Springs over the weekend of March 3rd & 4th just past, and even though I wasn’t there as a reporter in any real sense, it occurred to me just now that I could spread some news of interest to the Eastern New York area. It was a tough tournament all around. It seemed as if every section had at least a couple of unexpectedly strong players Continue reading “Quick News: Deepak Aaron 2012 New York State Scholastic Champion!”