“Till memory shall be no more.”

Philidor played two blindfold games simultaneously in 1783. This feat of human memory was touted as one of the greatest skills of memory ever displayed. “…it is a phenomenon in the history of man, so should be hoarded among the best samples of human memory, till memory shall be no more.”

Who then could so easily forget March 26th of 2015 when our local chess community was struck by the news of “Passing of a Chess Warrior“?

Bill Little looks over the flock.

So as to not forget, our collective memory of Bill Little is being retained at the Bill Little Memorial Chess Tournament taking place in less than two weeks. Many cultures, sub cultures, and individuals have their own unique ways of dealing with loss and preserving the memory of those who once lived among us. Chess players in this case seem to find a healthy way to engage their denial, anger, bargaining and yes, grief, in part, by playing chess.

Bill Little watches over the Chess.

Parmenidies made the case that “nihil fit ex nihilo”, Latin for “Nothing comes of nothing.” But in the case of Bill Little, who lives with us no more, we do have something. A person we have joining in on April 2nd at the Bill Little Memorial is Patrick Chi. This young man has submitted a number of games and other worthy materials for soon to be published articles.

Open u2300 1-3 Chi
Patrick Chi smiles at the NYS Championship.

If you din’t ever get to play Bill Little, it is your loss. If you don’t try to get a game in with Patrick before he goes off to College, that too will be an unfortunate loss.

An Editor’s Choice Game

For the past couple of weeks, I have been looking through the roughly 500 blog articles to which I have access. Most of them I wrote and those are easier for me to get to, they’re on my hard drive. All this is in anticipation of a second look at interesting games in the new category of the Editor’s Choice.

Today’s game between Deepak Aaron and Patrick Chi took place nearly three years ago at the 133rd NYS Championship. It seems appropriate to bring it up now, a little more than a month before this year’s edition of the long-running State Championship tournament. I don’t know how many other chess tournaments have had such a long run. It seems to me that there can not be too many closing in on a 140 year record. If you have not participated in the NYS Championship before, consider doing so this year. It is a chance to be a part of chess history, and the playing conditions are good.

Deepak and Patrick at the time this game was played were the Schenectady Club’s two youthful stars. Deepak Aaron had won the Club title in’09 and 10, and Patrick Chi took the trophy in 2011. For us on the local scene the question was would Patrick show he was catching up with Deepak in this game?

Originally the annotated game was posted on this blog in 2011. Most of the notes are the same as they were in that post, with additions, deletions and corrections as noted.

If 43…, Re8 44 Qxe8 Bxe8 45 c8(Q), and further resistance is futile. Or, 43…, Rf8 44 Qe7; and finally, 43…, Rc8 44 Qe7 Qh6 45 Qxd7 Qxg5 46 Qxc8+ Kh7 47 Qxh3+. A neat win showing Mr. Chi still has some distance to go to meet Mr. Aaron on equal ground. We still have a couple of years before the demands of college begin the end of this rivalry. It will be interesting to watch how It develops.

Added comment, 2014: Although White’s Bishop does not play a direct role in the final sequence, its potential was always more dynamic than was the Black Bishop which was assigned a strictly defensive job as a blockader.

Illustrative games:

A High Finish for Patrick Chi

There were several young players who had good results at the 135th NYS Championship tournament. My last post featured Martha Samadashvili whose good effort “playing up” did not yield good result but gave promise of much for the future of local chess. The youth movement was headed by Nicolas De T Checa. He ended up tied for 2nd through 6th places overall along with GM’s Stripunsky and Benjamin and Masters Nikoleyev and Busygin at 4 ½ – 1 ½. Nicolas took the title of State Champion as the highest scoring NYS resident on tie-breaks over Nikolayev. Just four years ago Continue reading “A High Finish for Patrick Chi”

Tactical Alertness Strikes Again

The recent and lamented passing of Norma Shelly of the Studio of Bridge and Games fame raised some worries locally. Although Norma’s Quads ended sometime ago, the Continental Chess Association had been running an occasional events at the Studio. Would the venue still host some chess without Norma being there? Amid the doubts and concerns some folks took action. In a conversation with Jonathan Lack and Glen Perry last week I was told a group of chess playing and bridge playing people were banding together to make an offer to take over the Studio operations. Continue reading “Tactical Alertness Strikes Again”