Big Bill Little Chess Fund

My friend Bill Little and I often found little ways to show our love for the game of chess, pooling some money to make a gesture of support for our local players. We rather enjoyed the feeling that our small acts of generosity made it easier for young players to participate, to evolve, and to mature, all as part of the joy of playing chess in our local clubs. We have been happy watching the growth of local players as they expand into distant venues, striving for glory and honor.

I had been planning to approach Bill about an ambitious project, giving away chess sets to young players at this year’s Albany Tulip Fest. Instead, I asked the local club members to match my donation, which we now need to name as an “Event.” I am proposing the name Big Bill Little Chess Set Giveaway. If you have an alternate suggestion, drop me a line at gro.a1516325296cyne@1516325296retla1516325296w1516325296 .

My thanks to the many members who stepped up to fill Bill’s shoes: Alan LeCours and Glen Gausewitz from Saratoga; Timothy Wright, David Finnerman, Paul Axel-Lute, Cory Northrup, Jeremy Berman, Charles Eson, Jonathon Lack, Thomas Clark, Arthur Alowitz, and Glen Perry from Albany. All made donations, or offered to donate gently used sets, and their thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

I believe that we have enough for 40 sets. I will see if any members that I missed will wish to add to the pool of monies, and to the memory of Big Bill Little.

Discussion has begun on a memorial tournament. I am still at the “too soon” stage, but will open the topic for debate in the near future.