Downtown Albany Chess Club – Meets Sundays at 3 p.m.

New Downtown Chess Club in Albany.  Meets every Sunday at 3 p.m.

Address: 211 Central Avenue, Albany, NY. (If heading up Central Ave from downtown, will be on the right hand side.) Plenty of free on-street parking and free off-street lot at side of building.

Boards/clocks provided. Free to play – no membership required, just love of chess. All skill levels there every week, with many local, strong players showing up as well.

Club started/hosted by local National Expert Philemon Thomas and Daquan Young.

Personally, I rarely make it to the mid-week clubs in Albany/Schenectady, so it’s nice to have a local, consistent place to play on Sunday where players always show up. The plan is to eventually start hosting uscf-rated quick/blitz tournaments at the venue, and establish an Albany version of a Marshall Chess Club – a local center dedicated to chess.

I spoke at length with Daquan Young, and he’s passionate about chess and promoting it locally. There are many players like him who love the game but haven’t yet been part of the local “chess scene,” so I think the Capital Region chess community can grow quite a bit if there was a local chess center to promote the game.

All chess players are invited to show up and play on Sunday, 3 p.m., 211 Central Ave, Albany, NY at the (unofficially titled) Albany Chess Club  – Downtown Location.

Every Sunday @ 3pm be sure to come play, enjoy and learn at 211 Central Ave #SundayChess #CafeLounge211 #UnderConstruction #Víno

Posted by Daquan Young on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lee Battes Memorial Service

Lee Battes, long time chess powerhouse, and a long time friend, died on November 20th, 2017, after a long illness. A memorial service will be held on Friday, December 1st, from 1 PM until 3 PM at 150 Dutch Meadows Lane, Glenville, NY 12302. In lieu of flowers the family requests donations to charities benefitting animals.

Lee was a strong Expert, with a keen eye for tactical possibilities, and a tenacious nature over the board.

Here we have a fine scalp against GM Bisguier, featuring Lee’s beloved Goring Gambit.

Stamford open: Age and Resilience 2, Youth and Talent 1

I faced three of America’s best young players in the last three rounds of the Stamford Open earlier this month. None of them started very well for me, but in two cases I was able to settle down and turn my game around.

The game against Jason Lu was another story.

Round 3

Jason was ranked 7th in the USA for age 11. He came out of the opening with a slight space advantage, and I never managed any kind of counterplay:

His play wasn’t flawless, but it was a lot better than mine. I probably should have castled short and tried to weather the storm

Round 4

Ellen Wang was the #1 nine-year-old girl by more than 200 points (seventh overall) and the bronze medal winner at the World Cadet Championship for girls under 10.

We were in an unusual but balanced middlegame position, until this happened:

Round 5

Ethan Gu was “only” 32nd in the US for his age, but a 2093 rating is more than excellent for a 13-year-old.

I quickly got into another cramped position. After my round 3 debacle, I didn’t have the patience to defend passively, so I took a chance:

This win gave me 2.5 out of 5, a good result considering I was paired up 4 rounds out of 5.

Coincidentally, all three of my opponents seem to have had birthdays in the last two weeks.  So I wish Jason, Ellen, and Ethan a belated happy birthday. Good luck, and thank you for games I’ll remember when I read about the titles you’ll be winning.

Saratoga Staunton Club Quick Chess Tournament on December 10, 2017

The Saratoga Staunton Club will hold a Quick Chess Tournament on December 10, 2017. The event will be at the Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church 175 Fifth Avenue, Saratoga Springs NY 12866 in Room – Kitchenette 3 in the education wing of the church. (Park in the parking lot to your left when you drive into the church grounds and use the doors closest to that parking lot.) You can preregister by emailing moc.l1516324845iamto1516324845h@1sr1516324845uocel1516324845a1516324845 . The tournament will be USCF Quick Chess rated and USCF Membership is required. Official Rules Apply. Quick Chess is touch move. The Entry fee is $20, $15 for Staunton Club Members; pay at site, cash or check only. Games will be G/10 d3. (Game in 10 minutes with a 3 second delay) Registration with be from 7PM to 7:45PM. Rounds will start at 7:45 Prizes, based on 15 Entries will be $100, $50, and $35, top under 1700 $20. and top under 1300/unrated $20. (I will check if we need a minimum of two or three in a class for prize eligibility and post again or update this one before the tournament.)

Irina Krush lecture and simultaneous exhibition

The East Greenbush Chess Community will be sponsoring an afternoon lecture and simultaneous exhibition with GM Irina Krush on Saturday November 11th, 2017 beginning at 1:00 PM at their usual location of Sunshine Day Care, located at 14 Hays Rd, East Greenbush, NY 12061. This will be a no-fee event, but EGCC is requesting that attendees bring canned goods or non-perishable food donations for the Concerns-U food pantry.

Krush is a spectacularly successful player, one of 35 female GM’s worldwide, and a dominant force in American chess. I am a huge fan of her play, and strongly recommend that anyone who can make this event should make this event. In the likely event of more participants than seats, a lottery will be held to determine who gets to play. Interested parties should email Bill Matters , or call 518.477.2820 to let Bill know they wish to play.

This is a rare and exciting opportunity for players to compete against the 7-time US Women’s Champion. Please take advantage of this chance.

Reminder–Saratoga Quick Chess holiday tournament Sunday!

A brief reminder that the Saratoga Staunton Club is holding a quick chess tournament this Sunday. Registration from 7 until 7:45. This is a fun event, with a chance to play all the ideas you would regret playing in a standard rated event. Reckless attacks! Unsound sacrifices! Fun!

Joshua posted all the details in this earlier post.

Hope to see you there.

Schenectady Club Championship

The Schenectady Chess Club will begin its annual club championship beginning October 12th. Our tournament director is requesting that all participants declare their intention by Thursday, October 5th. Please contact Richard Chu with intent to join the club this year [$36] at moc.r1516324845r.pac1516324845yn@bu1516324845lcsse1516324845hcyda1516324845tcene1516324845hcs1516324845 . Emails should include USCF ID and expiration date.

The tournament will be a round robin event, with a G/100 d/5 time control.  We are sincerely hoping to complete play by the end of February.

In addition, Schenectady will be hosting a scholastic tourney simultaneously, with G/30 d/5 round robin, all-play-all event. The club offers scholastic membership for $18 per year. USCF membership is required. Any interested participants should contact me at gro.a1516324845cyne@1516324845retla1516324845w1516324845 with entry request, USCF ID, and expiration date. Affordable USCF memberships are available from the Right Move, whose first event will be Saturday October 14th. As director of the scholastic event I will accommodate entries on the 12th with proof of membership provided to me on the 14th at Bethlehem Middle School.

Please note that it is the club’s policy to provide trophies to winners. No cash prizes are available.

Albany Area Chess Club Championship Starts Soon

The Albany Area Chess Club Championship will start October 18th. The deadline for registration is October 11th. To play in the Championship, you must be a member of the Club and of USCF. Club dues are $30 regular or $20 scholastic for those playing in the Championship. The Championship will be played as a single round-robin if there are 17 or fewer players. In case there are 18 or more players, they will be divided into two sections of roughly equal average rating, each section playing a round-robin, and the top two finishers of both sections will play a final quad. Tie results will be decided by two-game playoffs. Prizes will include $60 for first, $30 for second, and $30 for an “under” prize. Games will start 7:30 PM at the Club’s usual meeting place, Hamilton Union Presbyterian Church, 2291 Western Avenue, Guilderland NY. Time control for all games will be game in 90 minutes with 5-second delay. Tournament Director is Club Treasurer Charles Eson. If you wish to participate but cannot attend to register in person on October 4th or October 11th, please contact Mr. Eson at (518) 221-6332 or moc.l1516324845oa@2l1516324845ihpkw1516324845ah1516324845 .

Still time to join Saratoga Staunton Chess Club and play for the championship

The 2017 club championship of the Staunton Chess Club will start on October 1. Because we are having a Quick Chess tournament on the 8th, we decided to accept entries for the club championship up until the start of the 2nd round on October 15.

Entry fee/club membership is $20. It is currently set as a double round robin, though we can change that if we get enough entries to make that impractical.

The Chess Club meets from approximately 7PM on Sundays and the tournament games usually start at approximately 7:30. Efforts are made to accommodate players schedules by allowing rescheduling games and playing make up games at times and locations agreed as acceptable by individual players.

If you have questions contact Alan LeCours moc.l1516324845iamto1516324845h@1sr1516324845uocel1516324845a1516324845

The club meets at the Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church.