2017 NYS Championship winners

193 players competed over Labor Day weekend in the 139th Annual New York State Chess Championship in Albany, NY.  Once again, the Continental Chess Association and Bill Goichberg, with Chief TD Extraordinaire Steve Immitt, delivered a stellar tournament that delighted chess fans of all ages.  Below are pictures of most of the section prize winners for 2017.  Also included is a link to provide you all the details.

New York State Championship

Championship Section: 1 GM Paragua, 2-3 GM Smith and IM Brodsky, 4 GM Azarov       …and U2300 1-2 FM Dean-Kawamura.

[Missing picture of U2300 1-2 LPaciorkowski]

U2100: 2-4 Campbell, Lawson, Chipkin, U1900 1-2 Phelps

[ Missing:  U2100 1 Lee, U1900 1-2 Hua ]

U1800:  1 Arayath, 2-3 Wang, Jafary, 4 Shur, U1600 1 Chan.

  [ Missing: U1600 2-3 Loya, Bhandari ]

U1500:  1 Buchholz, 2-3 Dinglasan, Young, 4-6 Janezic, U1300 1-2 Hoffman, Yu

[ Missing: U1500 4-6 Gargan, Needham ]

U1200: 1 Danko, 2-3 Santhosh, 4-5 O. Hua

[Missing: U1200 2-3 Su, 4-5 Swaminathan, U1000 H Needham, U800 Sood, U600 Liu, Unr. Iyer]