Welcome to the Eastern New York Chess Association [ENYCA].

This site is intended to be a central repository for information about Over-The-Board [OTB] chess in the Capital District of New York State, comprising an area with a general area of 50 miles radius around Albany, NY, including Schenectady to the west, Saratoga to the north, Kingston to the south, and the border with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the east.

We are endeavoring to expand our coverage of local events on our Events page, with a new editor, Thomas Edward Clark, striving to keep a current listing of opportunities for players to meet and play chess in person.. While the advent of the Internet has provided numerous new ways for chess to be played online, we believe that meeting an opponent at the board is the most exciting, challenging, and fulfilling manner of competition. Please come out and join our chess community, where the youthful can compete against the experienced, where the experienced can regain their youthful enthusiasm, and where the casual player can enjoy the challenge of trying their skills against the battle-tested veterans of the local chess wars. Please check the Clubs section to find where players meet. Feel free to reach out to the contact points for each club to confirm that the meeting time and place is unchanged. We try to keep this information current, but occasionally our listings become outdated.

We have tried to make our blog section a user-friendly window onto local chess, describing our battles in an intelligent and informative manner, and most importantly, in an entertaining manner that will inspire the interest of chess players of all skill levels. Please feel free to subscribe to the newsletter which will notify you of when new material is posted. We do not use emails for any other purpose than notification of new material, and we promise we would never, ever sell our list to anyone for any reason. Yes, we hate spammers and sploggers just as much as you do. Please respect the intellectual property you find here. We welcome cross-posting of our entries, but do not condone the use of any of our contributors’ material for the profit of organizations or individuals without permission.

Our Links section provides a list of favorite chess web sites. We only intend to talk about chess here. No politics. No social commentary. No snark. No trolls.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please bookmark us for easy return.

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